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We have nearly 100 years of combined experience in the areas of development, operations, sales and technology.



Co-Founder / CEO / CTO / Managing Partner / Principal

As CEO & CTO, Todd’s role is to lead the adoption of new technologies while driving the future direction of RSS and its customer projects.  He is a co-founder of RSS and the “ideas guy”, responsible for many of the ideas that have spawned the organization's organic growth.

Todd started his career with Compusense, Inc., installing and supporting Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) solutions in the Ambulatory market space.  With the acquisition of Compusense, Inc. by A4 Health Systems, Inc. and a later acquisition of A4 by Allscripts, LLC, he continued to work on multiple EHR and PM offerings as Director of Technology Services and Director of Application Technology, providing leadership in the areas of Development, Innovation, Operations, Sales Engineering and Technology. He most recently performed a similar role with Greenway Health, LLC encompassing over 20 years of expertise in Healthcare IT across the aforementioned organizations.




Co-Founder / Senior Software Architect / Managing Partner

As the software architect for RSS, Mark leads the company’s development efforts while participating in the overall design of creative solutions.  His skill set includes expertise with the Delphi and Microsoft Visual Studio (ASP.net, C#,etc.) development platforms.  He is also one of three co-founders of RSS.

Mark began his computer career at IBM, contributing to over 15 years of application development experience.  He has filled the role of Senior Developer for companies such as Electronic Data Systems (EDS), A4 Health Systems, Inc. and Allscripts, LLC.  His primary focus at both A4 and Allscripts revolved around the development of Electronic Health Record (EHR) offerings, however Mark has been known to wear multiple hats; an uncommon trait for a developer.




Senior Software Architect / Managing Partner

Kyle’s professional career began at Greenway Medical Technologies where he held several different software development roles over his 5 year tenor with the company, including team leadership positions. Since his time at Greenway, Kyle has operated as an independant consultant and has participated in the development of several Electronic Health Record (EHR) web application platforms, as well as other non healthcare related solutions. Kyle’s eagerness to learn and willingness to adapt has enabled him to thrive in an ever evolving industry.




Co-Founder / Strategic Advisor / Managing Partner

With over 25 years of experience in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) sector, David acts as a Managing Partner and a co-founder of RSS.  He leads the campaign to promote Rock Solid Software, LLC and its flagship product offering, WatchMeGoPro™.

David has held executive leadership positions at successful private and public companies including Medic Computer Systems, Inc., A4 Health Systems, Inc., Allscripts, LLC and Navicure, Inc.   As Chief Operating Officer of A4, he helped to drive its sale to Allscripts, LLC in 2006 for approximately $312 million, after which he was named as a divisional President.  As Chief Operating Officer of Medic, he was instrumental in the sale of Medic Computer Systems, Inc. to Misys, PLC in 1997 for approximately $900 million.